The Research Chair of Health Informatics and Promotion and in collaboration with Telepsychology in Italy are launching Essentials of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Certificate. Starting 4 December 2022.

The proposed learning and training modules intended to help the participants get the essential knowledge and skills of the AI field and its modern techniques and applications in medicine and healthcare. In addition to a mini project.

It is a broad-based introduction courses in the field of AI in healthcare:

  • Intended to equip the participants with the basic knowledge of AI and its applications in healthcare.
  • Focuses on the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare field/industry.
  • Localized contents and themes by local and international Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence experts.
  • The program/courses will be held as online weekly modules (recorded video/presentations) posted on an independent learning management system with a weekly quiz at the end of each module.
  • Participants will have the flexibility to attend and listen to lecture online and complete quiz online
  • Tutorials and assignments/exercises will be posted at the end of each module as applicable. It should be completed/solved by participants to help augment the theoretical part and to enable self- progress evaluation.
  • Mini project on the use/application of AI in healthcare is required.
  • Certificate will be awarded based on the completed modules and a full certificate of completion will be given to those who complete all modules, quizzes and the mini project.

In addition to the mini project, the certificate will cover six Modules which cover a broad spectrum of AI concepts, knowledge and skills, from the following:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to medical informatics module.
  • Module 2  – Introduction to AI in healthcare.
  • Module 3  – Machine Learning module.
  • Module 4  – AI Agents and Expert Systems module.
  • Module 5  – Presentations and project discussions module.
  • Module 6 – Clinical systems and examples from industry.
  • Module 7– Research and innovation in health care module.
  • Module 8 – Training on exploratory data analysis and visualization, and fast prototyping of ML models module.
  • Module 9 – Project – Tutorials and self-study module.

Courses are mainly taught via distance learning and apply the following learning approaches:

  • Tutorials 
  • Examples from industry
  • Project
  • Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Life demos
  • Self-study
  • Literature and publications
  • Videos 
  • Training

In addition to the following teaching modalities:

  • Voice-over-PowerPoint lectures – The key material is delivered using the Flash plug-in, which is freely available and already installed in almost all Web browsers.
  • Interactive threaded discussion – Students engage in discussion on important issues using the on-line bulletin board.
  • Reading assignments – The course provides readings in the form of documents, reports, and papers from the field.
  • Homework/quizzes – Each week’s topic(s) is accompanied by a 10-question multiple-choice self-assessment that aims to have the student apply the knowledge from the Module.
  • Classroom-based tutorials are given in Saudi Arabia and are intended to give participants an opportunity to have face-to-face reviews of the Course at various stages.

  Course will start from 4 December, 2022 and will end on January 2023.



Early bird

(Due 24 Nov 2022)

Intern Student 700 SAR 950 SAR
Professional 1200 SAR 1600 SAR

Refund Policy :

Refund amount Time
Full refund applies Before 24 Nov 2022
SR 200 will be deducted After 24 Nov before 30th Nov – 2022
No refunded After 1 Dec  2022

 Last day for refund request is 30 November 2022

The refund amount will be returned by the same payment method.

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