The Research Chair of Health Informatics and Promotion and in collaboration with Telepsychology in Italy is launching the 9th certificate of Essentials of TeleMedicine starting 7 July for 6 weeks.

  • Localized contents and themes by local Health Informatics experts
  • Know the fundamentals in Telemedicine and Telehealth before and after Covid-19
  • Recall of recent trends in Telemedicine
  • Know the basic infrastructure (hardware and software) for Telemedicine
  • Explain the business models in setting up Telemedicine/Telehealth programs
  • Know the patient outcomes in Telemedicine program
  • Understand the assessment and evaluation in Telemedicine programs
  • Recognize different telemedicine/telehealth examples such as Teleradiology, Telesurgery, Telepathology, Teledermatology etc
  • Appraise and propose telemedicine/telehealth project
  • The course will be online using independent learning management system with weekly quiz at the end of each topic. Participants will have the flexibility to listen to lecture online and complete quiz online
  • Mini project on telemedicine applications/methods at workplace etc.
    based on the completed modules and a full certificate of completion will be given to those who complete all modules and the mini project
  • Certificate of will be awarded based on the completed modules and a full certificate of completion will be given to those who complete all modules and mini project
  • Based on situation and availability, face to face session at the end of session would be conducted in King Saud University but this is optional to attend

The course is taught via distance learning and uses the following teaching modalities:

  • Voice-over-PowerPoint lectures – The key material is delivered using the Flash plug-in, which is freely available and already installed in almost all Web browsers.
  • Interactive threaded discussion – Students engage in discussion on important issues using the on-line bulletin board.
  • Reading assignments – The course provides readings in the form of documents, reports, and papers from the field.
  • Homework/quizzes – Each week’s topic(s) is accompanied by a 10-question multiple-choice self-assessment that aims to have the student apply the knowledge from the Module.
  • Classroom-based tutorials are given in Saudi Arabia and are intended to give participants an opportunity to have face-to-face reviews of the Course at various stages.


Course will start from 7 June 2024 and will end on 11 August 2024.

  Early bird
(before 21 June 2024)
(After 21 June 2024)
Students 1500 SAR 2000 SAR
Professionals 2000 SAR 2500 SAR

Refund Policy :

Refund amount Time
Full refund applies Before 21 June 2024
SR 250 will be deducted Between 15 June –  06 July 2024
No refunded After 7 July 2024

 Last day for refund request is 7 July 20244

The refund amount will be returned by the same payment method.

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